Installing Netlon Lawns

Netlon Lawn Turf is a single system made from three compatible, standardised components:

  • Netlon Lawn Turf layer (supplied as a ready “Netlon mix”)
  • Levelling layer
  • Soil-less turf

Netlon Lawn Turf is a specialist product that also needs to comply with certain technical requirements. This is why, when building fire service access routes, any deviation from our specifications in the structure or in the materials used is not permitted.

Installation in practice

Netlon Lawn Turf is easy and quick to install. Only correct installation guarantees the load-bearing capacity.

Make sure that the foundation (underground and substructure) meets the requirements and the foundation has sufficient drainage capacity and load-bearing capacity. Also check the preparatory work that you accept from other firms.

Steps for installation

If delivered loose by lorry, you can already spread the Netlon mix roughly over the surface. A digger is used to distribute it more evenly.

The substrate is pressed down with the digger shovel in order to compact it. Then use an asphalt lute to level it out. Here it is important to use an asphalt lute without teeth, or otherwise the Netlon mesh elements could catch in them.

Protruding Netlon mesh elements are singed off, which simplifies grading work. After this spread and grade the levelling layer; use a straightedge tool to do the finishing touches.

The next step is to lay the turf. The soil-less turf must be laid immediately after delivery and watered to prevent it from drying out. Put the unloaded pallets of turf in a shady place. In addition, breathable fleece material can used to protect it from drying out. If there are any unexpected delays, we urgently recommend relieving the pressure by unstacking the rolls.

After laying, roll the turf surface once or twice to establish good contact with the soil and to prevent the roots from withering.

If temperatures are high, already start watering while the turf is being laid. In any case, the finished turf surface must be watered immediately after laying.

Did you know?

  • Netlon Lawn Turf can be installed irrespective of rainfall as a result of the properties of the three components. The drainable substructure as well as the sandy structure of the Netlon mix and the levelling layer with the soil-less turf make it no problem to work with, even while it is raining.

  • Soil-less turf is significantly lighter-weight as there is no soil. This means it is quicker and cleaner to lay.